A Feral Studio: Inside Out School
A Feral Studio

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A Feral Studio


Reid Building TBC


2 Dec 2014
10:00 - 19:00



The Burning Sand
designed by Sophie Dyer

A Feral Studio: Inside Out School

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Inside Out School
A Feral Studio

'Dialogue cannot exist in the absence of a profound love for the world and its people. Only through communication can human life hold meaning.' – Paulo Freire

Design is a means of knowledge and action. Education has the potential to be the practice of freedom – it is about self-actualisation.

Inside out school will be a 'school with in a school'. At best its existence will be temporary, unstable and conflicted. We propose to use these tensions to explore the relationship between teaching and learning, students and educators, inside and outside the institution. What shapes our education and why?

Inside out school: Part I
10am till 2pm / for GSA students only
starts in Communication Design Studio, level 1, Reid Building

Part I of the school will be an active introduction to the ideas of past (experimental) education projects that inspire the school. We will work with objects in the school to create interventions in space that re-shape our environment and challenge how we interact with it and each other.

Inside out school: Part II
4pm till 7pm / all welcome; students, staff, friends
Reid Building (location tbc - will be signposted)
Somewhere between a symposium, a discussion, and a challenge to its own existence. A convivial debate on design, education and more.

Followed by social activities.

Run by Sophie Dyer, Toni Brell, Thom Swann and Rosie Eveleigh

Talks open to the public and are free to attend.

Organised via A Feral Studio / aferalstudio.com