A Feral Studio: Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers (Open Work)
Art School i/o and A Feral Studio

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A Feral Studio


The Glasgow School of Art - room TBC


22 Oct 2014
18:00 - 21:00



website by Open Work (2014)

A Feral Studio: Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers (Open Work)

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A talk as part of 'If,Then.' — a week of interaction design activities at GSA.

Open Work is a design collective founded in 2014 by Susana Carvalho, Kai Bernau, Elisabeth Malcolm, and Daniel Powers. In times where the conventions of communication are constantly in flux they are interested in exploring the boundaries of, and relationships between media. They view digital and analog not as a schism, but as a continuum in which we can speculate on ways of reading, methods of interaction, forms of graphic design, and how these can be manipulated, challenged, reverse engineered, and repurposed.

Talks are open to the public and are free to attend - register here.

Organised by A Feral Studio and Art School i/o

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