Alan Pert – 'Future Nostalgia'
Hosted by the Mackintosh School of Architecture

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Architecture Friday Lecture


Mackintosh Lecture Theatre


25 Feb 2011
14:30 - 15:30



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Alan Pert – 'Future Nostalgia'

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Alan Pert, NORD Architecture
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Alan Pert is an architect, educator and researcher. The principal of the Northern Office for Research and Design (NORD), Alan Pert established NORD in June 2002 with fellow director Robin Lee. They founded NORD with the intention of channeling their skills into more diverse design challenges and developing a more research centred approach to their work. After graduating, Alan worked for two years with GMW & Partners in Berlin from 1993-95, where he worked on the refurbishment of the Hellerau Theatre in Dresden.

In 1996 Alan returned to Glasgow and the following year became one of the founding members and a director of Zoo Architects and was a key member of the team working on the Tramway redevelopment project in Glasgow which won the R.I.A.S Architecture Grand Prix for best public building in 2001, in the same year Alan was awarded the Scottish Design Awards' 'Young Architect Of The Year', the premier award for young architects in Scotland.

In 2007, Alan Pert was appointed Professor of Research at the Unversity of Strathclyde's Department of Architecture, where he is responsible for co-ordinating the department's research outputs. Through this post, Alan has recently established the Centre for Community Practice, which is committed to sharing the lessons learnt from our research and development in order to inform positive change in the architectural design process.

Hosted by The Mackintosh School of Architecture, the Architecture Friday Lecture Series looks beyond buildings and makes connections between architecture and wider issues like culture and the urban environment.