Alastair Parvin: If Architecture is the answer, what's the Question?
Mackintosh School of Architecture

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Architecture Friday Lecture


Mackintosh Lecture Theatre Mackintosh Building The Glasgow School of Art


7 Feb 2014
15:00 - 17:00



Alastair Parvin
WikiHouse co-founder

Alastair Parvin: If Architecture is the answer, what's the Question?

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He is one of a team behind WikiHouse, an open-source construction set that allows anyone to freely share model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, "printed" via CNC cutting machine and easily assembled. Parvin calls WikiHouse a very early experiment, the seed of what he sees as design’s great project in the 21st century: the democratisation of production.

Friday Lecture Series @ the MAC

Hosted by The Mackintosh School of Architecture, these lectures look beyond buildings and make connections between architecture and a selected theme. The theme for 2014 is 'life after studio'.

The school will ask people who trained as architects or indeed have an active architectural voice, to talk about projects throughout their career linking their progression and journey through personal and professional experiences. The team want to explore the details of moving from an educational platform and the theoretical studio into the world or practiced architecture. We are interested in the decisions, problems and revelations one might come across throughout their architectural career and would therefore like to hear and reflect upon the speakers experiences in an attempt to provide an insight and prepare us and the students for 'life after studio'.

Below: Alastair Parvin's Ted Talk