Barry Esson – 'Music is about more than just music'
Hosted by The Cultural Engagement Department

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Wednesday Night Open Forum


Mackintosh Lecture Theatre


10 Nov 2010
18:00 - 19:30



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Barry Esson – 'Music is about more than just music'

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Barry Esson
'Music is about more than just music' watch video

Barry Esson is a director of Arika. Arika organise the leading experimental music, sound, moving image and film events in Scotland, of which their largest event INSTAL will happen over 12-14th November 2010 at Tramway, Glasgow.

In organising INSTAL, we have asked ourselves: isn't music about more than just music?

In fact, music is never just about music: it is always the product of its wider situation[1]. Some musics reinforce the status quo[2] . Other musics try to affect the collective conditions of existence. We're interested in the later: not once radical, now stagnant scenes, but musics that continue to develop useful ways of acting and thinking outside dominant ideologies; musics as part of that wider situation, with something to say about and offer back to it. Through performance and discussion, INSTAL 10 will attempt to address itself to these and consecutive matters.

[1] Isn't music always produced through interacting social, cultural, philosophical and ideological factors. (Is it cowardly/reckless/naïve to abstract away from these?)

[2] Don't you find that most music (incl. most experimental music) simply fortifies false notions of freedom and possessive individualism, of art as lifestyle choice lacking the will/ ability to say anything other than the simply musical?

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