Berlin|Glasgow: An Urban Dialogue

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Off-site event


Lichthof Der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Am Köllnischen Park 3, 10179, Berlin


7 Oct 2015 - 7 Nov 2015
Wed - Sat, 12:00 - 17:00



Mackintosh School
of Architecture

Berlin|Glasgow: An Urban Dialogue

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The projects in this exhibition demonstrate the Mackintosh School of Architecture's commitment to the European city and an assertion of the central role of the city in culture. The exhibition aims to present the school's long standing dialogue with the city and specifically the dialogue between two provocative cities: Berlin and Glasgow.  

Both cities occupy a significant place in the history of the European city. Both were primarily shaped by the transformative forces of the Industrial Revolution and the retreat manufacturing. Both have become centres of artistic production, providing vital environments for creative practitioners and making important contributions to global culture. Both cities have a reputation for a politically engaged populous, who will not be ignored by public institutions. Finally, both cities have very characteristic built environments, sharing a tenemental urban fabric interspersed with "empty/marginal" space which offer/demands the opportunity/requirement for considered urban design responses.

The work of the Diploma School of the Mackintosh School of Architecture in this exhibition addresses these two cities with determination and ambition, proposing inspired responses to contemporary needs by young architects through work which challenges architecture to participate in the life of these two unique cities.

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