Bianca Hester
Hosted by the School of Fine Art and the Exhibitions Department and supported by GI Festival

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Friday Event


Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT), Rose Street, Glasgow


27 Apr 2012
11:00 - 12:00



Bianca Hester: A cast polyurethene copy of a Henbury iron meteorite from the Northern Territory of Australia, held aloft in front of various walls and facades in Glasgow.
Photo: Chris Dyson

Bianca Hester

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Bianca Hester is motivated by an exploration of the connection between space, materiality and embodiment. Her projects are informed by sculptural and architectural processes and oriented by an engagement with the unpredictable forces of matter and time. She works in response to specific material, social and spatial conditions and builds provisional constructions and open-ended situations, often involving collaborations, events, imagery and video. Alongside this practice she teaches, writes and generates publications.

Recent solo projects include 'a world fully accessible by no living being', Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, Federation Square (winning entry), 'big log jam,' with Open Spatial Workshop, AEAF, Adelaide, (2011), 'please leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning', Helen Macpherson Smith Commission, commissioned by Juliana Engberg, curated by Charlote Day, ACCA, Melbourne (2010), 'only from the perspective of a viewer situated upon the surface of the earth does day and night occur', The Narrows (2009), The West Brunswick Sculpture Triennial (with the OSW collective 2009), 'fashioning discontinuities', the Centre for Contemporary Photography (2009) and 'projectprojects', The Showroom in London (2008). The book titled 'accommodating spaces, materials, projects, people, videos, actions, objects, thoughts: relatively' was commissioned by The Narrows in 2009.

Bianca Hester recently completed a PhD by project in sculpture at RMIT. She was a founding member of CLUBSpropject inc (2002-2007), a member of OSW (2003 - ongoing) and co-ordinates the second year program in the department of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at VCA.