Practicing (in) Uncertainty: A Colloquium
The Glasgow School of Art / University of the Arts London

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Reid Lecture Theatre, The Glasgow School of Art


6 May 2014
09:30 - 16:30



Practicing (in) Uncertainty
A Colloquium

Practicing (in) Uncertainty: A Colloquium

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Practicing (in) Uncertainty: A Colloquium

9.45am – 4.30pm Tuesday 6 May 2014

Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts
Reid Lecture Theatre, The Glasgow School of Art

The geographer Kathryn Yusoff has posed a timely question. ‘What knowledge becomes useful to us in a time of abrupt climate change? How can we creatively practice towards such uncertainty?’

The Colloquium will explore how artists both practice, and practise in uncertainty. It focuses on how we might create and present artworks which investigate cultural (mis)understandings about biodiversity, landscape or site. This includes how audiences might engage with the actual artworks.

This is the first event to take place between the Graduate Schools of UAL: CCW and The Glasgow School of Art. It will be manifested through live links between London and Glasgow; and the artists speaking include Justin Carter, David Cross (Cornford and Cross), Edwina fitzPatrick, Graham Fagen and Tania Kovats. The Colloquium, convened by Edwina fitzPatrick, is free and open to all.

Reserve a place by emailing gsevents@arts.ac.uk