DDS Virtual Reality Course
Digital Design Studio

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The Hub, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DZ


12 Sep 2016
10:00 - 16:00



Virtual Reality
Digital Design Studio

DDS Virtual Reality Course

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Virtual Reality: Temporary Distraction or Real Opportunity?
12 September 2016, Digital Design Studio

A one-day, non-technical professional training course for managers - understand the true capabilities and cost advantages of VR and realise its full potential within your organisation.

Places £180 - book online vis Eventbrite here.

VR has been around for decades but recent technical advances have caused a huge surge in popularity within the last 24 months. Haven’t we been here before?  Is this yet another failed push by the tech companies with gimmicky technology crying out for real-world applications? Or, have we reached a tipping point similar to the birth of the web in the early 90’s where it’s now time to get on board or be left behind? Given the huge investment in VR by Facebook, Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung it’s imperative that you and your company are ‘VR aware’.

This one-day, strategic, non-technical course will present an unbiased review of VR technology. It will explain and clarify the benefits of VR together with the true costs required to develop effective VR applications. It will consider in detail the critical success factors for implementing VR projects exploring why some have been successful whilst others have failed. Delegates will also get to experience state-of-the-art VR equipment during the event.

Who should attend?

This course is targeted at potential users of Virtual Reality, specifically sales and marketing managers, product development managers, product design professionals, strategic policy makers and those seeking to better understand how VR may give them a competitive edge. It will explain the emerging business opportunities, costs and timescales of VR development.

Attendees may also include managing directors, board members, operations managers, technical directors, heads of business architecture, consultants, or those keen to understand more about VR and its potential impact on their business.

This training day is priced at £150+VAT and includes the training event, lunch, VR demonstrations and printed materials.

Each event is limited to 15 places. Training will take place at the Digital Design Studio within the heart of Glasgow’s Digital Media Quarter.

The training course will be run by Dr Paul Chapman, Acting Head of the Digital Design Studio. Paul is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the British Computer Society and member of the RSE Young Academy. He has been working professionally within the field of computer graphics and VR since 1996.


For further information please contact Avril McAllister (A.McAllister@gsa.ac.uk)

Note: dedicated tailor made courses for companies are also available. Contact Avril McAllister for more info.

Further dates are also available here with courses running in October and November.