Decolonising the Digital Self Seminar
Race, Rights and Sovereignty

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Off-site event




2 Feb 2021
11:00 - 12:30



Decolonising the Digital Self
Race, Rights and Sovereignty

Decolonising the Digital Self Seminar

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Race, Rights and Sovereignty presents:
Decolonising the Digital Self
Seminar led by Libby Odai

This seminar will be led by Libby Odai and provides an opportunity to unpack and discuss ideas explored in the lecture ‘Digital Colonialism: the threat of neutrality’. Participants will explore strategies for decolonising our digital selves through informal group discussion and an introduction to subversive techniques that can aid in decolonising digital diets.

Libby Odai is a creative technologist based in Glasgow, developing and producing digital sculpture and performance with digital elements. She has previously produced digital works shown at Dancebase Edinburgh, The University of Edinburgh, Plat:form and the Swap Market in Govanhill. 

Her work focuses on bringing digital concepts into the physical world. By breaking down barriers in technology, blending traditional arts such as dance and crochet with high tech components, she brings tech to new more diverse audiences. Her work aims to bridge the STEM gap as well as exploring the creative applications of new technology. 

Libby will also deliver a lecture on Digital Colonialism on 28 January – information available here.

Race, Rights and Sovereignty series was established in 2016 as a partnership between The Art School: GSA's Students' Association (GSASA) and GSA Exhibitions. The programme has been developed in order to create opportunities, and forums, to engage with and unpack ideas and issues related to race, rights & sovereignty; particularly in the contexts of creative practice. The series aims to celebrate, challenge, inform and inspire the next generation of artists, designers and architects, empowering them to have a creative voice.