Frederik Weisenborn
Glasgow School of Art

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Architecture Friday Lecture


Glasgow School of Art


21 Feb 2020
15:00 - 17:00



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Frederik Weisenborn

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Public Practice – Frederik Weisenborn


‘Beyond the Silo: Sharing Knowledge Between Local Authorities to Shape the Built Environment’


This week, we are delighted to welcome Frederik Weissenborn, the research co-ordinator of London-based Public Practice.


Public Practice is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded by the Greater London Authority in 2017. The company's goal is to improve the quality and equality of everyday places by building the public sector's capacity for proactive planning for the built environment. Public Practice aims to increase and diversify the built environment industry and support those working in the public service sector.


Frederik will be talking about the R&D Programme and the company's growing archive of 'Practice Notes' (https://www.publicpractice.org.uk/resources), a culmination of their learnings from placements in a variety of projects.