Master of Fine Art

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15 Mar 2021 - 18 Mar 2021
Mon - Thu, 00:00 - 23:59



MFA exhibition


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15 – 18 March 2021

An online exhibition by second year Master of Fine Art students at the GSA, with projects launching daily at gsamfa.com/glue

Monday 15 March

5pm: The Thread Itself

The Thread Itself brings together the works of Lydia Davies, Jess Holdengarde, Catrin Menai and Dominique Rivard. Narrative driven works are brought together in this exhibition across moving image, voice and writing.

8pm: [untitled]

Delaney Tesch and Andrew Crane are multi-disciplinary artists from North America working and living in Glasgow. Tesch is a Canadian performance and installation designer and photographer that specialises in building responsive spaces and experiences. Crane is an artist from Maine working with historic photographic processes and printmaking.

Tuesday 16 March

5pm: Still Life

The works in Still Life explore notions of escape and isolation. Through a variety of media, each of the artists, Brandon Hendrick, Xiaojia Ouyang and Ye Ji, have responded to the current psychological landscape being faced worldwide.

8pm: Site/Sight

What happens to place when something shifts and we perceive the ground under our feet as multiple and fractured? Site/Sight brings together the work of Qiushi Chen, Matthew Cosslett, Masaki Ishikawa and Edward Gwyn Jones.

Wednesday 17 March

5pm: Liquid Futures

Liquid futures explores non-anthropocentric terrains, from land to aquatic environments and embraces the idea of living and understanding the world in a malleable way as/with monstrous/hybrid/tentacular creatures. Martha Panagiotopoulou, Fanming Dong and Wei Zhou.

Thursday 18 March

5pm: Spit It Out

Harry Hurlock, Yorgos Karras, and Paige Silverman’s practices converge in this chaotic distillation of regurgitation. Each artist is presenting the slippage of reconstituted objects; Hurlock through painting, Karras through sculpture, and Silverman through video.

8pm: What’s At Hand

Making do with what we have, hammer and nails, playing cards, our own hands, we’ve each explored how play and playing around brings us to enacting the dailiness of daily life. Bing Chen, George Anastaplo and Julie Duffy.

George Anastaplo's performance The Card Piece is a twelve minute live stream in three parts. Please email us to request the Zoom Webinar link.