Race, Rights and Sovereignty: Marikiscrycrycry Workshops
Glasgow School of Art Students' Association, Cultural Engagement

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Guest Lecture


The Assembly Hall The Art School 20 Scott Street Glasgow G3 9PE


1 Dec 2017
11:00 - 17:00



$elfie$ at Fierce Festival 2017.
Photo by Manuel Vason

Race, Rights and Sovereignty: Marikiscrycrycry Workshops

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Race, Rights and Sovereignty: Marikiscrycrycry Workshops

1st December, 2017

The Assembly Hall
The Art School: GSA Students' Association

Free, but ticketed. 
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Please note: if you would like to attend the morning and afternoon workshops, please register for both tickets. 

Marikiscrycrycry (b. 1992, New York) is the performance praxes of London-based choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe. Their work deals with ontologies and hegemonies around Blackness and Queerness while probing the political and emotional potentials of an expansive choreographic proposal. Utilising the radical suggestions within dance practice, their work creates ulterior conditions for movement that cycles through the topical experiences of alienation, racial ambivalences and melancholias, allostatic load, neoliberalism and its abusive imprint on the social body, violence, trauma, hope and desire in order to create an essential freedom and renewable aesthetic possibilities. 

Marikiscrycrycry will be performing at CCA on 29 November 2017, more info here

Workshop 1: Dances of Essentiality

If our dances were being built from the place of necessity, where would we go?*

*//my work//is//built//from//the pro-Black//pro-g(END)er//queer//consciousness//i//will//not//be//showing//you//the//fucking//ballet

Be prepared to move, dance, sweat. Wear comfortable clothing and trainers. 

--- Break 13:00-14:00 ---

Workshop 2: Choreography/Work

Choreography can actually do many things: It can build worlds, it can create unfound relationships, it can set things on fire, it can get lit, it can build me up, and it can tear me down, it can show me the future. 

It can be stubborn and spiteful, it can run off and never return, it can dream, it can be aloof, it can be camp af, it can destroy everything about the theatre, it can be dramatic or thinly veiled vitriol.

But above all choreography is work. Under political crises, working to visualise another world is an essential, entire worthwhile task. Even if its intangible.  

This workshop will involve both discussion and movement. 
Be prepared to move, dance, sweat. Wear comfortable clothing and trainers. 


Marikiscrycrycry has performed his work widely in New York City, and London, as well as internationally, including at Secret Project Robot Art Experimental (US), Panoply Performance Lab (US), Otion Front Studio (US), CLOUD at Danslab (US), Rich Mix (UK), Theatre Utopia (UK), Hackney Showroom (UK), AKC Medika (HR), Bushwick Open Studios (US), 62' CTD (US), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (US), Five Myles Gallery (US), Toynbee Hall/ArtsAdmin (UK), ShuaSpace (US), Krannert Center for Performing Arts (US), Bonnie Bird Theatre (UK) amongst others. He also performs for other artists and has worked with Project O (UK), Dalston Ballet (UK), Shua Group (US), Cynthia Oliver (US), Randy Reyes (US), Night Star Dance Company (IE), Hana van der Kolk (US), and others. In 2016, he formed choreographic duo EEMATIONAL with Montreal-based Ellen Furey. Their first duet "NO NATIONALISM" is being supported by Vermont Performance Lab (US), Studio 303 (CA), and Hackney Showroom (UK), and will premiere in Montreal's Theatre La Chapelle in 2018. Malik is an Associate Artist at Hackney Showroom, and a 2017 Fierce Festival artist.