The Marmite Prize for Painting IV
The Mackintosh Museum, GSA

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Mackintosh Museum The Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3 6RQ Mon-Sun 11am-5pm Free admission to gallery


2 Mar 2013 - 6 Apr 2013
Sat - Sat, 11:00 - 17:00



Richard Wentworth, Fable, 2012, book and soldered cable
The winning artist receives the Marmite Prize, this year made by Richard Wentworth

The Marmite Prize for Painting IV

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The Marmite Prize for Painting IV
2 March - 6 April 2013

Amelia Barratt, Julian Brown, Simon Carter, Brian Cheeswright, Jules Clark, Ben Deakin, Marie d'Elbee, Damien Flood, Yifat Gat, Alex Hanna, Hyojun Hyun, Phil Illingworth, Silvie Jacobi, Christopher Jones, Matthew Krishanu, Jana van Meerveld, James Metsoja, Paul Newman, Tom Palin, Alison Pilkington, Playpaint, Clare Price, Dan Roach, Greg Rook, Andrew Seto, Sabrina Shah, Blake Shirley, John Stark, Mathew Tom, Virginia Verran, Charles Williams, Eleni Zagkali

Winner of the Visitor's Choice award for the Glasgow leg of the Marmite Prize is Hyojun Hyun with 'Disappeared Junkie's Place', 2012, oil on canvas, 137x183cm. Hyojun Hyun graduated from GSA MFA in 2012.

The Marmite Prize is an artist-run, open submission painting prize and touring exhibition that aims to showcase the best in contemporary painting from the UK and abroad. This year, 32 artists were selected from almost 850 entries. Every Marmite Prize exhibition has been dedicated to a very good artist, which influences how the exhibition is hung in each venue. Previous exhibitions have seen the paintings being hung upside down or from wooden structures. This year the exhibition has been dedicated to the former London artist collective BANK and their iconic and notorious 1995 exhibition 'Zombie Golf'.

The project questions the validity of art prizes that evaluate creative activity with the intention of assigning a monetary value to the 'winning' artwork. As an alternative to a cash prize, the winning painter takes away the marmite, an artist-made vessel, which is awarded by the judges in recognition of artistic excellence. This year the prize is a specially commissioned marmite sculpture made by Richard Wentworth. The two runners up will both receive a pat on the back. There will be a visitors' choice award to be announced at the close of the exhibition tour.

The works for exhibition were shortlisted by a representative from each of the galleries on the tour along with the Marmite Prize curators, Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran. The selection process was made entirely anonymously from jpegs. The judges, who will select a winner and two runners up from the shortlist are painters Marta Marce, Dawn Mellor, Tim Stoner and 2010 Marmite Prize winner Iain Andrews.

The exhibition opened at Central Art Gallery in Tameside and the tour takes in Mackintosh Museum, The Glasgow School of Art, 2nd March - 6th April 2013; the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, 11th April - 10th May 2013; and The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, 20th May - 14th June 2013; before coming to London's Tannery Arts, June/July 2013, where the winners will be announced.

The Marmite Prize for Painting is in no way associated with a tasty yeast based food product called 'Marmite'.

Anecdotal Curators' Gallery Tour
Sat 2 March
2pm, Mackintosh Museum

Join Marmite Prize for Painting curators Stephanie Moran and Marcus Cope for a free gallery talk discussing exhibited paintings, their curatorial approach and aspects of the process of such an enterprise, including gathering works from 32 artists at locations across the UK.

- Documentation photographs of this talk is on Flickr

John Beagles on BANK
Wed 6 March
6-7pm, Mackintosh lecture theatre

This year's Marmite Prize for Painting is dedicated in its curatorial hang to BANK, an artist collective active in London between 1991-2003. John Beagles, with Graham Ramsay, participated in several BANK projects and will give an overview of BANK's aims and activity in this talk.

- An audio recording of this talk is on Vimeo