Michael Stumpf: Artist's Talk
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Mackintosh Museum, The Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6RQ


10 Apr 2014
18:00 - 18:45



This Song Belongs to Those who Sing it (installation view)
Photo Janet Wilson

Michael Stumpf: Artist's Talk

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Artist’s Talk
Thursday 10 April, 6pm
Mackintosh Museum

Michael Stumpf talks about his Glasgow International project at The Glasgow School of Art.

GSA alumnus Michael Stumpf has been commissioned by The Glasgow School of Art and the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art’s Supported Programme to make an installation of exterior and interior new works at the art school.

This ambitious new body of work has considered the context of the art school as an ‘expanded field’, creating a sequence of points where the audience can encounter it, beginning out on the street, then leading into the Mackintosh building, concluding in the Mackintosh Museum. From ‘The Balconies Commission’, creating new temporary ‘landmarks’ on the exterior of the new Reid Building and the Mackintosh building, to the Mackintosh Museum itself, Michael’s work will create a journey encouraging the viewer to see a sequence of sites afresh.

The ‘Balconies commission’ and Michael’s response, captures and plays with a key moment for the art school, framing two buildings, early in their relationship, in a new conversation with each other.

Supported by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

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