MSA Antwerp Exhibition
Mackintosh School of Architecture

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Off-site event


4th Floor Exhibition Space, The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane G1 3NU


16 Jan 2020 - 9 Feb 2020
Thu - Sun, 10:30 - 17:00



Mackintosh School of Architecture
Year 5 Antwerp Exhibition

MSA Antwerp Exhibition

Event info

Each year the fifth year architecture students from the Mackintosh School of Architecture investigate and base their thesis project within a different European city. This year’s city is Antwerp, Belgium. Following a site visit in September and a thorough investigation, a team of twelve editors (students from within the fifth year) identified key reoccurring themes which they felt best described the work that was produced throughout the year group.

80 students contributed work relevant to the ‘umbrella’ title of the themes. The editors curated the work into a comprehensive set of panels representing the themes: Typology and Morphology; Transitions and Edges; Monuments and Landmarks; History and Future; Environment, Green Space and Public Space. 

This year there was a focus on trying to reduce waste within our studio work environment, and especially to minimise the use of once-off and non-recyclable materials. For this exhibition, the six panels showing our work, have been printed on fabric, which not only aesthetically enhanced the output, but made it portable, easy to manage and re-usable. After a successful exhibition of the work within our studio space, the exhibition panels and additional models have now been rearranged to be exhibited in the Lighthouse.