Qualities of Knowing: A Talk by Dr. Nina Bacos
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Reid Gallery


8 Dec 2015
13:15 - 14:00



Grace In My Head
Documentation of 'A Return to Normalcy: Birth of a New Museum' (2015), Nina Bacos

Qualities of Knowing: A Talk by Dr. Nina Bacos

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Qualities of Knowing: a talk by Dr. Nina Bacos
Reid Gallery
Tuesday 8 December 2015 13:15-14:00 

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This talk is part of Grace Ndiritu's solo exhibition in the Reid Gallery at The Glasgow School of Art, A Return to Normalcy: Birth of a New Museum, 2 Oct - 12 Dec 2015.

Nina Bacos is a practicing artist. She also runs and organises the monthly event TalkSeePhotography and is a founding member of Foco-Phoco (a studio, gallery and pop up art group dedicated to photo-based practice). She holds a PhD from The Glasgow School of Art and works mainly with photography. 

In a time where terms like 'research', 'investigation' or 'examination' are used to describe how we make decisions about anything from what deodorant we choose to buy, to what political party we vote for, 'knowing' is experienced as part of an evidence-based process. Rarely do we make decisions or willingly throw ourselves into uncharted territory without employing these tropes.

As a photographer who usually operates in the realm of the social and political real, Nina often finds herself rushing towards one or the other of these explanatory models as if the space between (being in the unknown) threatens to drown her. With the help of Ndiritu's work she will take the opportunity to explore the quality of this metaphorical drowning as a scary but creative transformative space.