Perfectly Situated
New City Space

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New City Space, 1/2 32 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow G3 6PJ


25 Apr 2013 - 3 May 2013
Thu - Fri, 18:00 - 22:00

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Part two of Perfectly XXX
MFA post-degree project

Perfectly Situated

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Perfectly Situated preview
6 - 10pm

Mineki Murata 7pm

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Perfectly Situated begins with a series of assumptions about the social life of an art object. Art is made of things that ground it in a material reality. Otherwise, it would be an unrealised wish. Traditionally, the object is usually the art itself. At times, the art object is a prop for participatory acts, a catalyst for conversation, or even a barrier to unmediated interactions. An art object's significance varies for different people, influenced by personal values and systems. An inanimate art object could be perceived as passive and merely symbolic, and even seen as inept to effect any form of social change. Situating an art object differently, say from the gallery to an advertisement, can expand or diminish its social influence.

Artists: ALTERFORUM (Saejin Choi / Cedric Tai), Kai Qun Chun, George Gray, Choon Lin Joo, Gabriel Leung, Keeley Stitt, Lisa Ure, Weizi Xu

Special Guests: Magdalen Chua, Mineki Murata