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30 Nov 2020 - 4 Dec 2020
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A week-long online event

Postgraduate Open Day Live

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From 30 November -  4 December 2020, we are hosting Postgraduate Open Day Live, a week-long online event. Each day we’ll be highlighting a different specialist school:

Monday 30 November: School of Design
Tuesday 1 December: Innovation School
Wednesday 2 December: School of Simulation and Visualisation
Thursday 3 December: Mackintosh School of Architecture
Friday 4 December: School of Fine Art

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Please note, the GSA is currently closed to visitors. 

Full programme: 

Monday 30 November
School of Design

8:30 How to Apply

9:30 Interior Design programme talk

10:00 Product Design Engineering programme talk

10:30 Fashion + Textiles programme talk

11:00 Communication Design programme talk

12:30 Live Chat: Admissions

13:00 Live Chat: Technical Services Department (TSD)

13:30 Finance Talk  -

14:00 Live Chat: How to Finance your Studies Q+A

14:30 Live Chat: Accommodation

15:00 Interior Design programme talk

15:30 Product Design Engineering programme talk

16:00 Fashion + Textiles programme talk

16:30 Communication Design programme talk


Tuesday 1 December
Innovation School

9:00 Introduction to programme, including introduction from the programme leader, meet current students and talk with specialism leaders

10:30 Winter School, short film

11:00 Live Chat: Admissions
12:00 Live Chat: Accommodation
12:30 Student Support talk

13:00 Live Chat: How to Finance your Studies Q+A

14:00 Creative Network Introduction

15:00 Introduction to programme 

Wednesday 2 December
School of Simulation and Visualisation

8:00 Welcome from Head of School, Prof. Paul Chapman

8:15 MDes Sound for the Moving Image, short film

8:25 MSc Heritage Visualisation, short film

8:45 MSc Serious Games & Virtual Reality, short film

9:10 MSC Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy, short film

10:00 Talk: Introduction to SimVis postgraduate programmes, Dr Daniel Livingstone

12:00 SimVis Alumni Talk. Join a panel of SimVis alumni from all of our programmes for a discussion on the SimVis student experience. This is your chance to ask former Masters students about their time on the programmes, or just listen in as our panelists reminisce about their time here – from applying to the programmes, interview process, student life and beyond.

14:00 Interactive Visualisation, Brian Loranger

Across all the MSc pathways, Interactive Visualisation is a key first semester project. This session is a chance to learn more. This session, will cover:

  • A quick look over the course structure and material used in the Interactive Visualisation course.
  • An introduction to Unity 3D, the main development environment used for games and interactive 3D environments at the School of Simulation and Visualisation.
  • A look at how you can prepare yourself for working with Unity, and what tools and hardware to consider if you're planning on taking the course.
  • At the end of the session there will be a questions and answers period where you can ask about the material covered and what you can expect from your Unity-related courses.

14.30 MSc Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy Sample Class, Dr Matthieu Poyade.

An exploration of different techniques and technologies used in Medical Visualisation among which 3DSlicer & MITK. Both consist of medical visualisation platforms that allow the identification, segmentation of relevant structures from medical dataset to turn them into graphical data. Such techniques and technologies are part of a workflow that we, at the School of Simulation and Visualisation, have been teaching since 2011, as an outcome of our research activities in the Head and Neck and the Definitive Human projects.

14:35 MDes Sound for Moving Image – Ronan Breslin

Programme Leader Ronan Breslin will take you through some of software and practices employed for working with Sound and Image. 

15:30 Talk: Introduction to SimVis postgraduate programmes, Dr Daniel Livingstone

16:00 Live Chat: Admissions

16:30 Live Chat: How to Finance your Studies Q+A

Thursday 3 December
Mackintosh School of Architecture

10:00 Programme Introduction, Isabel Deakin

11:30 Live Chat: Admissions

12:30 Creative Network Introduction

13:00 Live Chat: How to Finance Your Studies Q+A

14:00 IBA's Urban Typologies and the Future of the Dense Inner City

Join the GSA's Florian Urban at a talk on IBA's Urban Typologies and the Future of the Dense Inner City:

In the context of urban housing, the significance of the International Building Exhibit can hardly be overstated. Better known by its German acronym IBA, the exhibit opened in West Berlin in 1987, generously subsidised by both the West German government and the West Berlin municipality. The IBA generated scores of new buildings in dense inner-city locations, designed by the international architectural elite at the time, including Rem Koolhaas, Aldo Rossi, Peter Cook, Rob Krier, Oswald Mathias Ungers, Rem Koolhaas, James Stirling, Zaha Hadid, and Mario Botta. At the same time the IBA kick-started the “careful urban renewal” of the city's crumbling historic tenement districts. The IBA thus brought together some of the most important urban themes of the last decades: the rediscovery of dense, mixed inner city as an attractive place of residence and leisure, and the adaptation of historical building typologies to current needs.

This talk will discuss the impulses given by the IBA against the background of our current situation, where the “postmodern city” based on density, functional mixture, public transport and intense social interaction has, on the one hand, come under attack in light of Covid 19 restrictions, and, on the other hand, been praised as an adequate response to the challenges of climate change and sustainable construction. 

Florian Urban is Professor and Head of History of Architectural and Urban Studies (HAUS) at The Glasgow School of Art. He was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of the Arts in Berlin, an MA in Urban Planning from UCLA and a Ph.D. in History and Theory of Architecture from MIT. He is the author, among others, of Neo-historical East Berlin – Architecture and Urban Design in the German Democratic Republic 1970-1990 (Ashgate, 2009), Tower and Slab – Histories of Global Mass Housing (Routledge, 2012), The New Tenement – Architecture in the Inner City since 1970 (Routledge 2018) and Postmodern Architecture in Socialist Poland – Transformation, Symbolic Form and National Identity (Routledge, 2021).

Throughout the day:

Stage 4 students discuss the development of their urban housing projects on the theme of domesticity and labour.

Our award-winning stage 5 student presentation their final year thesis design projects.

M.Arch Studies students present their projects and offer reflections on their experiences at MSA.

15: 30 Live Chat: Technical Services Department (TSD)

16:00 Programme Introduction, Isabel Deakin

Friday 4 December
School of Fine Art

9:30 Master of Fine Art (MFA) Programme Talk

10:00 MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) Programme Talk

10:30 MLitt Fine Art Writing Programme Talk

11:00 MLitt Fine Art Practice Programme Talk

12:00 Live Chat: Admissions

12:30 Finance Talk

13:00 Live Chat: How to Finance your Studies Q+A

14:00 Master of Fine Art (MFA) Programme Talk

14:30 MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) Programme Talk

15:00 MLitt Fine Art Writing Programme Talk

15:30 MLitt Fine Art Practice Programme Talk

16:00 Live Chat: Technical Services Department (TSD)

16:30 Live Chat: Accommodation