Public Talk: Professor Alastair McIntosh
GSA Sustainability

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Guest Lecture


Reid Auditorium, Reid Building, GSA


14 Jan 2015
15:00 - 17:00




Public Talk: Professor Alastair McIntosh

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Public Talk:
Awakening an Ecology of the Imagination
Professor Alastair McIntosh
3 - 5pm, Wednesday 14 January

GSA Sustainability presents this public talk by Professor Alastair McIntosh - writer, poet, researcher, activist, founding member of the GalGael Trust and author of “Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition”.

In this lecture, Awakening an Ecology of the Imagination, Alastair will explore the imaginal realm. Through the lens of both activism and a pilgrimage through the Outer Hebrides he will share what he sees as an “ecology of the imagination.” The human response to climate change and other major issues in our times such as war, poverty and the loss of plant and animal species depends on having an awakened imagination. But what is that? How does the artist (in the broadest sense of that word) connect to wellsprings of the imaginal world? How do these activate imaginative responses in others? What kinds of art and artist can fulfil the shamanic-bardic role in our times of helping to feed the flow of life back into the community?

This event is free but ticketed, and palces can be reserved on Eventbrite.

The public talk will be followed by a seminar, 'The Artist's Response to Climate Change'. We would like to invite six artists to present work for discussion. The discussion group will be limited to an additional 20 participants and those in the audience of the public talk are welcome to stay to observe. Those interested in presenting please contact Kathy Beckett on k.beckett@gsa.ac.uk