Rachel Lowther talk
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GSA Library, Scott Street, Glasgow


21 May 2015
13:00 - 13:30



Rachel Lowther
talk at the GSA

Rachel Lowther talk

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Rachel Lowther is an artist doing research in GSA archives covering the WW1 period. She will talk about her first experience in archival research and discuss the mood and affect on the school and its dwindling occupants at a time when answers were demanded of such fundamental questions as, "Will you kindly inform me what you think of him as a man?" and when women were fighting for suffrage. She will present letters which are the primary source of her research and which make us consider such statements as "The artistic temperament ... can so readily adapt itself from the service of Venus to the worship of Mars" (Fra Newbery, Director)

Lowther’s research has been commissioned by The Glasgow School of Art and supported by Museums Galleries Scotland WW1 Fund. Her research and development runs prior to an exhibition in the Reid Gallery in Jan 2016