Richard Layzell – 'Falling Phoebe'
School of Fine Art in collaboration with New Territories – International Festival of Live Art, Scotland

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Friday Event


Glasgow Film Theatre


4 Mar 2011
11:00 - 13:00



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Richard Layzell – 'Falling Phoebe'

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Richard Layzell
'Falling Phoebe' watch video

This presentation explores truth, fiction, collaboration, space, personal history and humour, through a live experience of time and space and the digital friends of sound and video. What is the lecture form? What is its optimum length? Someone is talking here. And where are we going? Hold on and wait for the overview. And what a privilege to have your attention. Yes, it's all true. Apart from the fiction, which may feel more real than the other. But don't we all create narratives, both for our life experiences and our art? You said this. I did that. It's irresistible. So let's enjoy it.

Richard Layzell is a London-based artist who works in installation, video and performance internationally. He pioneered a series of innovative artist residencies in industry, defining the role of the 'visionaire,' and was recently based in Shanghai for the Visiting Arts 'Square Mile' project.

His interactive installation Tap Ruffle and Shave, commissioned by Glasgow Museums, toured the UK and was seen by 100,000 people. He has also been commissioned by a number of other major UK institutions including Tate Britain, the Serpentine and Whitechapel Galleries, London and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

His ongoing collaboration with Tania Koswycz has led to The Manifestation, a major work for galleries that explores dialogue as artform. He is the author of Enhanced Performance and Cream Pages, is an Honorary Associate of the National Review of Live Art and is an artist/researcher with ResCen at Middlesex University. He is currently the lead artist for the innovative 'Aspire' project based in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

Hosted by The School of Fine Art, The Friday Event Lecture Series is The Glasgow School of Art's flagship public lecture series, and brings major international speakers (including artists, architects, designers, historians and cultural theorists) to the city of Glasgow.  This Friday event was presented in collaboration with New Territories - International Festival of Live Art, Scotland 14 Feb - 26 Mar.