RRS: Sovereignty in sound - Listening to remember
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Off-site event


Woodlands Community Garden - Community Meeting Room, 91 West Prince's Street, Glasgow, G4 9BY


2 Aug 2022
14:30 - 16:30



Zethu Maseko
Sovereignty in sound - Listening to remember

RRS: Sovereignty in sound - Listening to remember

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RRS: Sovereignty in sound - Listening to remember
Tuesday 2nd August, 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Woodlands Community Garden - Meeting Room and outdoors

This workshop is an invitation to explore the potential of listening practices to induce memory, create memory, transport the mind, repair and heal through sound. In a session of active listening, Zethu and participants will share audio that they relate to race, rights and sovereignty. Listening to some of Zethu’s sound works, we will explore the potential to repair relationships to the land through explorations in sounds, field recording and listening practices. Participants will be invited to capture and create sounds for a collective sound log which will be available online following the workshop.

When rights and sovereignty are constantly challenged and racism exists, the need for healing is an ongoing process. Connecting with sound is standing your ground in the face of those challenges.

Participants are asked to send a clip of up to 3 minutes that they relate to race, rights and sovereignty. Please email your audio file as an mp3 file to racerightssovereignty@gsa.ac.uk before the workshop.

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Zethu is an artist, researcher and cultural worker. Her cultural work has spanned across Southern Africa and the UK, taking the form of workshops, commissions, exhibitions and residencies. Her current practice uses tapestry and sound to explore contemporary myth, relationships to land, repairing, revisiting ancient tools for healing and creating moments of trance within her practice.

Through sound and experimental vocalisation, Zethu attempts to induce introspection, reflection and empathy. She uses a range of techniques in her tapestry practice, from weaving to tufting and natural dyeing.

Zethu is a Junior Fellow in Neurodiversity in the Art Department at Goldsmiths University and is currently being commissioned to create new works as a part of Landednes at Primary in Nottingham, collaborating with South Africa based collective MadeYouLook. She was a part of the New Contemporaries Cohort 2020 and was awarded The Nicholas Tooth Travelling Scholarship on graduating from Goldsmiths University with a First Class Honours.

Race, Rights & Sovereignty series:

This workshop is part of the Race, Rights & Sovereignty 'Caring Between Practices' strand. Caring Between Practices centres artists who are working at the intersections of art and holistic healing practice. Through this, thinking about how artists can use these practices to care for themselves and communities.

The Race, Rights & Sovereignty series is a free programme of public lectures, workshops and other events delivered by The Glasgow School of Art and The Art School: GSA's Students' Association.