Serena Korda Public Talk
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Principal Seminar Room 1, Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6RF


29 Oct 2015
18:00 - 19:00



Serena Korda
Public Talk

Serena Korda Public Talk

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Serena Korda Public Talk
Thursday 29 October 2015, 6pm
Principal Seminar Room 1, Reid Building The Glasgow School of Art

Serena Korda invites the local residents of Garnethill as well as staff, students and graduates of GSA to attend her public talk. She will introduce her project for Glasgow International 2016: Hold Fast, Stand Sure, I Scream a Revolution, Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art.

More about her project:

Serena Korda (b. 1979 in London, England) lives and works in London, England. Korda studied at Middlesex University and completed her MA in Printmaking at Royal College of Art, London, England in 2009.

Through performance, sculpture and film Korda examines the secret life of objects and our latent desire to find pleasure in fear.  Whilst examining superstition and spiritual beliefs embedded in our popular culture she creates performances that reconsider aspects of communion and tradition in our lives.  Encounters, conversations and the researching of abandoned histories fuel her desire to find and highlight ritual in our everyday.  Audiences are often encouraged to participate at some point in her process creating collective experiences that often focus on the forgotten and overlooked. 

Korda will produce a new commission for The Glasgow School of Art that combines her interest in primitive impulses, invented tradition and the concept of a thin place working with the communities of Garnethill and The Isle of Mull. The work draws upon the prevalence of radicalism in Garnethill (the area in which the Reid Gallery is situated) since the late 19th Century whilst considering the geological and geographical significance of Mull as a portal to otherworld’s.  Thin Places are anomolies in the landscape which were seen in pre-Roman times as portals into the afterlife.  Garnethill is situated on a drumlin, a steep hill, whilst Mull is rife with these geological phenomena.  

Mull and Glasgow will act as mirrors to one another, creating a polyverse that draws on invented and existing mythologies of the underworld.

More links on the artist: http://serenakorda.com/