The Drouth

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Reid Auditorium, Reid Building, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow


27 Apr 2017
18:30 - 21:30



Manuel Ramos
Portuguese graphic artist, ethnographer and activist


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Thursday 27th April 6.30-9.30 pm
Free but ticketed - register here

What is the role of the sketch in the work of architects, artists and designers?

An evening of talks, discussion and film screenings, with international invited guest artists and designers who will speak about drawing and sketching in their work. In the era of the digital and the virtual hand held device can we, or should we still draw? And why? Or is there no room in our pockets for the sketchpad alongside the tablet and i-phone?

The medium of pen and paper may indeed be just an encumbrance in modern life. In such a routinized and utilitarian culture as that of the digital, which on the face of it might seem to offer us much more rigidly defined and formalised media, we wonder what is the role of the sketch, of the freehand type of drawing characterised by its immediacy and directness, its expressive intensity and versatility. What are the anthropological and creative consequences for any change in the role of such a vital design and artistic tool as the sketch drawing?

The discussion will take place between artists, anthropologists, designers and architects, and the film Drawing on Life (dir. Paul Clarke) will be shown. 

The main speakers will be:

Manuel Ramos, Portuguese graphic artist and activist

Tim Ingold, Social Anthropologist

Patricia Cain, Artist and writer

Paul Clarke, Architect and film maker