Tell Me What Your Body Feels Like Doing
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Reid Ground Floor Corridor, The Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6RQ


19 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022

Tue 10:00 - 16:30
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Tell Me What Your Body Feels Like Doing, 2022
Leah Miller-Biot

Tell Me What Your Body Feels Like Doing

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Tell Me What Your Body Feels Like Doing
19 to 30 April, 2022
Tue - Sat, 10:00-16:30, booking required
Reid Ground Floor Corridor, The Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art

The Garnetbank Creative Residency is a partnership project between GSA Community Engagement and Garnetbank Primary School. Now in its second year, the residency places a GSA graduate within the school over an academic year with the aim of developing and encouraging creativity, curiosity and skill development for both the pupils and the Creative. This year the creative in residence is Leah Miller-Biot and this in-progress exhibition showcases the collaborative work created with the children during her workshops.

Leah is a GSA and Slade School of Art graduate with an established painting and sculpture practice and a commitment to amplifying others’ voices as a means to social change. Through the residency she has been exploring the healing and soothing potential of sculpture and painting through creative workshops that explore different senses, but are primarily led by touch and rooted in free play. Through this approach the children have been developing their language to understand and express their bodily sensations, such as laughing, running, being still, to have that heard and respected, and to see that as a unique part of who they are and how they navigate the world. By undertaking this residency Leah is also developing her practice as a participatory artist that works with children who need extra nurturing and support in school. She is investigating different facilitation methodologies with the groups, what different sculptural materials can do for them, and how to create the most exciting and creative experiences.

This project is part of the GSA Community Engagement programme. The programme explores ways for the Glasgow School of Art to better connect, partner and work with the surrounding areas of Garnethill and Blythswood. The aim is to develop strong relationships through positive and mutually beneficial partnerships with people who live, work, study and play in the local area and explore new potentials for creative engagement.

Leah Miller-Biot, a GSA Painting and Printmaking graduate, is an artist and a play worker based in Glasgow. Individually and through group workshops, she works playfully through sculpture, painting, drawing and textiles exploring both their formal considerations and the degree to which artworks can function as toys – mediating the relationships between bodies and their environments. She choses materials that act as sponges for feelings and creates objects to be endlessly rearranged around complexities of layered emotional states. She is also interested in play as a radical, community building activity, a way to share pleasure and connect our bodies and selves to each other.


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Artist In-Conversation: Leah Miller-Biot and Max Alexander
Monday 9 May, 1pm to 2pm, Online Event

As part of the Garnetbank Creative Residency In-Progress Exhibition, GSA Community Engagement is hosting an in-conversation between creative in residence, Leah Miller-Biot and artist Max Alexander.

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