The Hero Building launch

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The Art School, 20 Scott Street


1 Oct 2015
19:30 - 21:30



The Hero Building
by Prof Johnny Rodger

The Hero Building launch

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Launch of 'The Hero Building'
Professor Johnny Rodger, Mackintosh School of Architecture

The Art School
7:30pm, Thursday 1 October 2015

Why was it that, across Scotland over the last two and a half centuries, architectural monuments were raised to national heroes? Were hero buildings commissioned as manifestations of certain social beliefs, or as a built environmental form of social advocacy? And if so, then how and why were social aims and intentions translated into architectural form, and how effective were they? 

The launch will feature live music, refreshments and talks from Ray Mackenzie, Frances Robertson, Raymond Burke, Thea Stevens, Neil McGuire, Robert Mantho, Ambrose Gillick, Mitch Miller, Andrew Tickell and Claire Biddles.