The Language of Silence

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Degree Shows


Virginia Gallery, 45 Virginia Street, G1 1TS


12 Sep 2015 - 18 Sep 2015

Mon 11:00 - 18:00
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Sulaïman Majali
Film still from ‘Towards an Archive of an Impossible History’

The Language of Silence

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The Language of Silence
Part of Graduate Degree Show 2015

Artists: Lin Li, Sulaïman Majali & Tawona Sithole

The Language of Silence highlights the potential of silence as an active agent through which political exigencies may be explored. Through understated, sometimes deliberately obscured works, the exhibition presents poetic commentaries on current contexts which hold personal significance for the artists.

Hong-Kong born artist Lin Li entwines autobiography with broader concerns, questioning the possibility of attaining a free voice. London born Sulaïman Majali works with sculpture, film and performance to negotiate the challenge of translating across cultures and envision a mythology of an imagined community. Zimbabwean writer Tawona Sithole extends an invitation to reveal what might be contained within silence.

Opening event and performance of ‘Unvoiced-voiced’ by Lin Li, Saturday 12 September 5pm

Curated by Ashley Holdsworth