Close of Play: Train to Draw led by Robert McCormack and Council Baby
GSA Exhibitions / GSA Sustainability

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Close of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action


Cowcaddens Subway, 11 Dundasvale Court, Unit 1, Glasgow, G4 0SN


25 Sep 2022
14:00 - 16:30



Close of Play

Close of Play: Train to Draw led by Robert McCormack and Council Baby

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'Art Making for Earthly Survival': Train to Draw, led by Robert McCormack and Council Baby
Sunday 25 September, 14:00-16:30
Meeting point Cowcaddens subway station (end point Partick subway station)

‘Train to Draw’ is an experiential workshop where participants will learn drawing techniques at each subway stop and carry them out while in transit. In addition to practical skills participants will be introduced to contemporary artist Council Baby who will speak about her new work ‘The Best Thing to Come Out Of Edinburgh is the Train to Glasgow’.

The workshop aims to encourage the use of public transport and transform transit as a site of artistic interest. The activities will develop participant's speed and accuracy allowing them to make use of temporary subjects. The workshop will touch on the practice of drawing in public space and thinking about transit as a valid space for artistic intervention and inspiration.

Robert McCormack

Robert McCormack is an artist, curator, and educator living and working in Glasgow. Recent curatorial projects include Graduate Drive-Thru, an exhibition staged on the top story of a car park, and Open Cut, a graduate exhibition at Transmission gallery. Robert holds a fine art degree from the Glasgow School of Art and an Alt Masters from the New Art school where he worked under Artist Karla Black. Alongside his projects, Robert works at a Special Education school which supports and informs his practice.

Council Baby

Inspired by guises and obsessed with contradictions, Council’s work starts as poetry or drawings that stem from negative experiences or hurtful words to create sculptures and installations, turning pain into a positive outcome. Council’s work is autobiographic paired with sarcastic titles that create a coping mechanism to the works often serious meaning. As a child, Council was and still is fascinated by the 2002 film ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and the potential to wear whatever hat you wish – sometimes wearing more than one hat at once (both in a literal and metaphorical sense).

‘Art Making for Earthly Survival’ is part of GSA’s yearlong programme ‘Close of Play: Climate Emergency and Creative Action’, which explores the ways in which creative actions and multi-disciplinary practice can address the climate emergency, sustainability and climate justice. 'Train to Draw' is the final workshop in the ‘Art Making for Earthly Survival’ series curated by Rachy McEwan and supported by GSA Sustainability, GSA Exhibitions and Box Hub.

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