Travelling Gallery Alt-w:Blush Response
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Dalhousie Street, The Glasgow School of Art, Reid Building, G36RF


30 Nov 2016
11:00 - 17:00



Charles Young
Paperholm, 2014-2016

Travelling Gallery Alt-w:Blush Response

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Travelling Gallery Alt-w:Blush Response

Dalhousie Street, The Glasgow School of Art
30 November 2016

Travelling Gallery will be visiting Glasgow School of Art with Alt-w:Blush Response, an exhibition in partnership with New Media Scotland and part of the Festival of Architecture 2016. The exhibition focuses on artists who make use of technology within their practice, exploring the exciting role that digital interaction can have in our lives.

The exhibition will include intricately made animated paper models by Charles Young, each only a few centimetres high; virtual reality exploring Brutalist Architecture by Dennis and Debbie Club; painting by Torsten Lauschmann and an interactive drawing following the map of Crinan Canal by ~in the fields.

Each newly commissioned artwork will have two relating elements; a smaller work to suit the unique Travelling Gallery space and a larger work to be installed at a specific location in Scotland. During its tour of Scotland, Travelling Gallery will visit the locations of each of the larger works, in Crinan, Dundee and Edinburgh, and due to their proximity, the two elements of the work will ‘blush’ in response to each other.