Nick Dunn and Dan Dubowitz

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Off-site event


Meet at Anderston Station


22 Feb 2018
17:30 -



urban night walk


Event info

Join Night Walker Nick Dunn and Artist Dan Dubowitz on an urban night walk through the underbelly of Glasgow’s M8. We are to meet in front of Anderston Station at 17:30 on Thursday 22nd February 2018 for a walk over the top of the motorway, through Garnethill to the public realm in front of Stow college. This will be the site of Underline, a series of civic interventions 2018-2022, opening to the public from August 2018.

 Underline is a ‘Collaborative Urbanism’ project lead by Dan Dubowitz as part of Glasgow City Council’s 'Avenues' Programme. This project will connect people with less familiar parts of the city centre and involve them in establishing new ways of using public space that they would like to see happening in their city. Significantly it will start to activate these new public areas before construction work begins on building the new Avenues through them.

Sites like underline, Anderston, Hieleman's umbrella.....

Please let us know if you have any access requirements, or just come on the day and we'll work it out. Although we are going through the city's public realm but there are some unusually steep streets, ramps, high curbs on the route.

We will email an aproximate map of the route on the day of the walk in case anyone arrives late or loses the group.

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