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All new students, full-time, visiting and exchange will be invited to take part in a series of activities during the first weeks of term designed to provide you with enough information to persue your studies. You will be able to access details of this through the Pre-Enrolment Gateway. You will be sent details of how to access this usually from June onwards before your programme starts in September.

You will be inducted into your department, which will involve you being shown the relevant health and safety procedures and finding out what your programme of stud yentails. It will be explained to you how you will be assessed and examined and a tour of the facilities will be central to the induction.

If you are looking for rented accommodation, you should come to the School as soon as possible (at least a week before term starts) and staff will offer you as much assistance as possible. It is essential that you arrange some temporary accommodation before you arrive in Glasgow, particularly if you are travelling from abroad. You will need to provide details of this on the Passenger Locator Form. We recommend, even if you are travelling from within the UK not to arrive with no accommodation booked.

Please note that Office Hours in the School are 09.00 - 17.00 hours, Monday to Friday only, and that most offices are closed for lunch from 13.00 - 14.00 hours.

International Students' Handbook

As a new student to Glasgow you will find yourself part of a vibrant European city, with many things to do, either in person or virtually.

Coming to Glasgow, you may be a long way from home, but you will not be on your own. You will get a lot out of life in Glasgow and at The Glasgow School of Art and this guide is the first step on what we hope will be one of the best and most fulfilling times of your life.

Welcome to Glasgow and to The Glasgow School of Art.

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