All first year students (except PDE) participate in two week long school-wide project - the start of your journey as a reflective practitioner.

Cross School Project

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As a new student at the GSA you will be in an environment where you will individually learn the critical and practical skills and creative processes to help you excel in your chosen discipline.  In first year you will also be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with other artists, designers and architects to gain a shared understanding of the range of creative disciplines - their similarities and differences.

In term one all first year students* embark on a 2 week cross-school project based around the City of Glasgow and its suburbs. Students are divided into mixed tutor-led groups of students from across the three schools of Architecture, Design and Fine Art.Teaching is provided through collaboration between the three schools and the Department of Historical and Critical Studies. 

Delivered through a combination of lectures, group tutorials, critical feedback and review, directed study and student presentation, at the conclusion of the course students work collectively and individually to produce and present a set of individual work and a team presentation. This is the beginning of your journey at The Glasgow School of Art to develop ownership of your own work; to be aware of what you are learning as you study at the GSA, and to become a 'reflective practitioner'.