Nooks and Crannies

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The Brief

Groups were asked to visit a particular place within the City of Glasgow or its suburbs chosen by the tutor and come up with an idea related to that particular location. Groups used sketch books, photographs to record what they saw and to look for the 'hidden corners'.  The brief was to find something that triggered their imagination.

The overall idea of the brief is to learn that the world about you is the place in which you work as a designer, architect or artist, where you see what is happening in the world, where you get your inspiration, and where you realise your ideas

The groups then discussed their ideas associated with the location and decided on how to work towards their group presentation and to select the idea for their individual submission.

In becoming an artist, designer or architect you become an expert in responding to the world creatively and positively: in ways that make a valuable contribution to the cultural, social and economic life around us - doing something worthwhile for others

Students were then asked to realise their ideas this both individually and collectively by the production of one personal submission and one collective presentation

The Assessment

By Tutorial and Progress Review where students present work-in-progress both individually and as a group.

And at Final Review where students were asked to:-

  • as a team, make an illustrated presentation with selected images and up to 200 words to communicate and promote joint ideas to others.
  • as an individual, make one, 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional piece of work as a response to the place and the group idea.

Students begin to develop the ability to communicate what they had done and why to others, so that others could understand and appreciate their work.