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Are you a GSA student and a Carer?

Do you look after a family member or a friend in an unpaid capacity, who, due to illness, disability, a mental health problem, or addiction, cannot cope without your support?

At The Glasgow School of Art, we understand how difficult it can be to balance studying with your caring responsibilities, and we are dedicated to identifying and supporting student carers to succeed. Please get in touch with Student Support Services to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements, and to learn about the student support services you can access.

Email our Student Support Manager Margaret Robertson for more information: m.robertson@gsa.ac.uk

You also may find some of these services useful:

  • Carers Trust Scotland provides services to support a carer’s individual and changing needs throughout their caring journey
  • Which? Elderly Care is a source of free and independent information and advice on care choices for older people across the UK.
  • TIDE provides support to carers of people with dementia in Scotland.


Are you a Carer thinking of applying to the GSA?

If you are a young carer at a state secondary school in the West of Scotland and you are thinking about applying to the GSA, you can participate in our Widening Participation Programme. The Widening Participation programme can help you to:

  • Make informed decisions about which degree courses you may be suited to.
  • Write a strong UCAS Personal Statement.
  • Produce relevant, high quality art and design work through our portfolio courses.
  • Photograph/scan your art and design work to include in your digital portfolio.
  • Layout your digital portfolio so it looks professional.
  • Write a good digital portfolio statement.
  • Prepare for portfolio interview(s).
  • Get ready for studying an undergraduate degree at GSA.

For more information, please visit the WP webpages. You can email wp@gsa.ac.uk directly to get involved.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of the team in confidence, you can contact one of the Widening Participation Development Officers: Leeanne McKenna Le.McKenna@gsa.ac.uk or Rickie McNeill R.McNeill@gsa.ac.uk.