Here at the Glasgow School of Art our courses are designed to support the creative development of students in their chosen subject. Learning and the change this implies cannot happen without support. Student support is therefore integral to the activities of every academic department.

The School also has an excellent record of providing specialist support services that complement and underpin the core provision available through the academic departments.

Support for Students with a Disability >

Many students at the GSA have disability related needs. This could be a specific learning difference such as dyslexia, a social/communication impairment, a physical or sensory impairment, a long term medical condition, or a mental health issue.

The term disability includes:

  • Long standing illness or health condition
  • Physical impairment or mobility issues
  • Mental health condition
  • Social/communication impairment
  • Sensory impairment - such as a hearing or visual impairment
  • Specific learning difficulties - such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, aspergers or ADHD

If you have a disability, please get in touch with the Service so that we can work with you to explore how your disability might impact on your learning and to ensure that you get the support that you need. Please let us know by completing our Disability Disclosure Form and providing evidence where possible.

With your permission, we can communicate your individual learning needs by issuing a Reasonable Adjustment Report to your academic department. This report informs your tutors that you have disability-related requirements so that reasonable adjustments can be made to the learning and teaching environment to support your learning. For additional information, you can find our policy here.

If you suspect that you have a learning disability that has not yet been diagnosed, we also provide an assessment service to ascertain what your specific learning needs are.

If you have accepted an offer on a programme of study at GSA we would encourage you to contact us as early as possible so that we can put in place the support you require for your arrival. Click the following links to see the overall process for supporting students with a disability at GSA.

EU & International Students - Disclosing Disability Related Learning Needs Diagram

Home (UK) Students - Disclosing Disability Related Learning Needs Diagram

If you are a UK student, we can support your application for Disabled Students Allowance 

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact our receptionist, Jemma :

Tel: 0141 353 4787