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Each year the GSA selects one image from students from across the School to represent Degree Show on our promotional posters, tickets and other publicity.

This year's selected works are by Silversmithing & Jewellery student Rachel Blair. More of Rachel's work is featured in the links on this page, and you can find her degree show in the Reid Building.

About the featured work, 'Honesty'

This piece is part of a series of paper and ink studies. The multiple layers of wafer thin paper provide depth of colour and texture. Rachel is interested in the marks left by the ink as it splits into separate pigments. 

Rachel's work is a reflection of an inner tension and a constant search for a sense of place. She is interested in the contrast between the constructed and the haphazard. Rachel’s work is a way for her to create objects of honesty, both in material and construction. Drawing is an integral part of her design process. This love of an organic mark is the catalyst for the composition and construction of pieces. She uses a process of dying then layering the papers within a smooth metal frame to create works, but it is the papers themselves that form the piece. Rachel’s work is a contrast of two materials which are held by tension; this creates an uncertainty within the piece. The piece is always under stress, but aesthetically complete. 


Rachel Blair is a Silversmithing and Jewellery student, originally from the Orkney Isles off the North Coast of Scotland. Her inspiration come mainly from her homesickness and her strive to find a sense of place. Rachel's work is a series of pieces created from tension set dyed drawing materials and precious metals. This year she won a Precious Metal Bursary from The Goldsmiths Company, London. Following degree show her work will feature in New Designers, London.

Instagram: rachelblairjewellery