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‘Things are either devolving toward, or evolving from ‘nothingness’

‘Things are beautiful because they are fleeting’

Leonard Karen, Wabi-Sabi for artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers 

Miki Asai’s jewellery is inspired by intangible and those fleeting and changeable phenomenon, and how this portrays the nature of everything in the world. Her aesthetics and concept are strongly based on her Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in impermanence, imperfection, transience and ephemerality.

She creates jewellery that captures and preserves momentary beauty to own the fragments of a fleeting world, life and everything. 


Miki Asai is a final year Silversmithing and Jewelley design student at The Glasgow School of Art. She has won several awards for her work during her studies, including Prize for Graduation Work at Musashino Art University in 2011, Japan Jewellery Designers Associations (JJDA) Student Class Award 2012, Japan Craft Sesign Association (JCDA) Student Class 2014, BKV-PRIZE 2015 for Young Applied Arts Finalist (Munich), The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards 2016 Design Section 2D Pearl Jewellery Bronze Award, and the Japan Jewellery Design Associations (JJDA) General Category 2017. During her final year at GSA, She was awarded the Precious Metal Bursary Award 2017 by The Goldsmiths’ Centre to create the gold  piece shown in the poster.

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