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Communication Design


Whether it be simple or complex, witty or profound - Communication Design is a platform for the thinking of tomorrow. Digital technology has provided a multimedia, multi-layered set of opportunities for Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. Students now incorporate the traditional skills of drawing, printing, photography and other graphic processes with video, sound, animation and other aspects of moving image and multimedia. Students are no longer defined by their specialism, but through their creative interpretations and articulation of the brief.

After Degree Show 2018 in Glasgow, Communication Design graduates will be taking their work to Degree Show 2018 in London - see the show at CAF, Round Chapel 19–22 June 2018.

Communication Design students from the GSA's campus in Singapore will be showing work at GSofA Singapore Degree Show at SOTA Gallery in Singapore, 14 - 21 June.

Student galleries on Flickr