Rosalie Menon MArch, ARB, FRIAS

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Senior Lecturer/Researcher




Roof Integrated PVT system
MEARU feasibility project on new campus building

Roof Integrated PVT system


Rosalie Menon

Rosalie Menon has been teaching and researching at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow since 2005. She is a co-director of MEARU (Mackintosh Environmental Architectural Research Unit) which has an established track record of high quality research into environmental architecture. As a practising architect she has previously worked for high profile firms including the international multidisciplinary firm RMJM and Australian practise Denton Corker Marshall based in their Singapore office. Whilst undertaking a variety of refurbishment and new build projects her experience is predominantly within high density housing design. She is also a nationally elected member of board of trustees of Royal Institute of Architects Scotland (RIAS) and was awarded a RIAS Fellowship in recognition of her role in architectural education and research.

Rosalie has been a Co-Director of the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU) since 2005. She is currently a mid-career researcher with experience of being a Co-Investigator in a major EPSRC funded project. She has over 25 peer review publications and her work was included in both RAE 2008 and REF2014 (with 2 projects included as Impact Case Studies).

She has a track record of leading transformational technical research, engaging with key policy makers and stakeholders, resulting in significant changes to policy and guidelines. Rosalie was Co-Investigator/ project manager in an EPSRC funded (£522K) project led by MEARU titled ‘Environmental Impact of Domestic Laundering’ (EP/G00028X/1). The outcomes of the project informed the production of a ‘Design Guide’ for policy makers, stakeholders and designers and the publication launch gained significant media coverage worldwide. More recently the design guidelines have been incorporated into the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Home Quality Mark (HQM), 2017.

Research commissioned by the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Directorate (BSD) undertaken by Rosalie identified that occupant guidance is critical to achieving the energy performance, occupant comfort and good indoor air quality. The research outcome identified the need for a Quick Start Guide which has been integrated into the 2017 Scottish Building Standards as a requirement for all new homes as part of Section 6- Energy.

Director of Scottish Solar Energy Group Ltd (2010- current). SSEG promotes the application, development and research of solar energy in Scotland. To bring together a forum of professionals and academics to exchange ideas on pioneering research, latest technological advancements, design ideas and built architectural application of solar energy.