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Reading Landscape Research Group

The Reading Landscape Research Group was initiated in June 2014 by Susan Brind (Reader in Contemporary Art: Practice & Events, Department of Sculpture & Enviromental Art) and Nicky Bird (School of Fine Art).  The research group, based in GSA’s School of Fine Art (SoFA), provides a context for Fine Art practice and research interests through a programme of research seminars, and knowledge exchange in addition to practice-led research projects.

The Group’s aims are to:

  • Enable the opportunity for critical discourse around the overarching theme of ‘Reading Landscape’ and its relationship to Fine Art;
  • Extend debate beyond the confines of the Group to other Schools within GSA;
  • Participate in critical discourse with practitioners and academics from disciplines beyond Art, Design & Architecture;
  • Engage with discourse nationally and internationally;
  • Nurture possible partnerships and inter-disciplinary collaborations;
  • Make public their research to local, national and international audiences through talks, research visits, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and publications.

‘Reading Landscape’ Research Themes

  • People and Place
  • Landscape and Embodiment
  • Landscape, History and Transformation (including Preservation and Heritage)
  • Wild spaces (including Forests, the North)
  • Mapping
  • Journeying as Fieldwork
  • Contentious / Coded Landscapes  (including Conservation and Ecology)


The Group:

Nicky Bird (School of Fine Art)

Susan Brind (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Jenny Brownrigg (GSA Exhibitions)

Justin Carter (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Alan Currall (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Marianne Greated (Painting)

Christine McBride (Photography)

Shauna McMullan (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Michael Mersinis  (Photography)

Lesley Punton  (Photography)

Ross Sinclair (Sculpture & Environmental Art)

Amanda Thomson (Painting & Printmaking)

Gina Wall (School of Fine Art)

Hugh Watt (Media Studio)



For initial enquiries about the Reading Landscape Group, please contact Nicky Bird ( and Sue Brind (