Dr. Robyne Erica Calvert PhD, History of Art, MLitt, MA

Job Title:

Mackintosh Research Fellow





The Mackintosh Library
photography by Bob Proctor

The Mackintosh Library


Dr. Robyne Erica Calvert

As the Mackintosh Research Fellow, Dr Robyne Erica Calvert is charged with fostering innovative research projects arising from the reconstruction of the Mackintosh Building. She was previously a lecturer in history and theory (HAUS and FoCI) at GSA, and is also a visiting lecturer in art and design history at the University of Glasgow.

Born and raised in the sweltering Art Deco metropolis of Miami, Florida, her love for architecture and design was cultivated from an early age. This was furthered during her undergraduate studies in the American Midwest at Indiana University, Bloomington, during which times she made frequent trips to Chicago. She spent ten years as a museum administrator and educator before returning to academia; and holds a PhD in Art History (2012) and an MLitt in Decorative Arts & Design History (2007) from the University of Glasgow; and an MA in Art History from the University of Oregon (2009). She received a Pasold Fund PhD bursary for her thesis ‘Fashioning the Artist: Artistic Dress in Victorian Britain, 1848-1900’ (University of Glasgow, 2012). Additionally, her master’s research was focused on the collaborative work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, and as such she also writes and lectures on the 'Glasgow Style' artists, architects and designers.

Her research interests include:
• The history of art, architecture and design of the long 19th century
• The intersection of design, fashion and architecture, particularly in Victorian culture
• The modern interior
• 19th-20th century graphic design
• Dress history, particularly of the 19th and 20th century
• Theories of fashion and style, particularly styling a creative practice
• Constructions of identity through dress, space and object
• Contemporary virtual art

Her previous teaching at GSA reflects her diverse interests, in courses including:
• HAUS: History of Modern Architecture; Glasgow Architecture; American Architecture; From Morris to Mackintosh: Victorian Art & Design
• FoCI: Artistic Dress: Fashion, Style and Identity; Gesamtkunstwerk: The Modern Interior; Approaches to Dress and Textile Research