Dr. Madeleine Sclater PhD in Education, Humanities Computing and Art and Design

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Reader in Art and Design Education & Senior Academic Fellow in Digital Learning





The Inter-Life Project
Dr. Madeleine Sclater

The Inter-Life Project


Dr. Madeleine Sclater

Dr Madeleine Sclater joined The Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Madeleine is widely published and is a regular speaker at conferences and events, both internationally and nationally. She was recently invited to deliver a guest lecture at the International Conference of Culture, Cognition, Biography and Learning, Pusan University South Korea (March 2014). Madeleine teaches on the MRes in Creative Practices Programme and the Doctoral Training Programme.

Madeleine holds an interdisciplinary PhD (2007) from the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art (Digital Design Studio) in the fields of Education, Humanities Computing and Art and Design. Prior to her appointment at GSA she was Director of Learning and Teaching, Heriot-Watt University, School of Textiles and Design.

Madeleine is joint co-editor of the `International Journal of Art and Design Education’ (IJADE) and a member of the Publications Board for the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD). She is also an organiser for the International Journal of Art and Design Education annual conference. She is an Executive Board Member of the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities. She was a Senior Research Consultant to a recently completed ESRC/EPSRC Project entitled ‘Interlife Interoperability and Transition (Dec 2008-Nov 2011). The ESRC/EPSRC project drew extensively on her PhD research in creativity and learning in online learning environments. This has resulted in a suite of international peer-reviewed journal publications.

Over the last 17 years, Madeleine has developed and maintained a strategic international profile in the field of Education, Art and Design Education and Technology Enhanced Learning. With a background in Fine Art (Painting) and digital media, she has pioneered collaborative methodologies for the development of distributed creative practice with particular focus on the use of technology to support learning within art and design education. Her recent research has explored the use of virtual platforms, such as second life, to facilitate the development of collaborative creative practices involving the co-design of virtual methodologies between researchers and participants. In this work she has developed methodologies to develop and support research communities, the sharing and reconstruction of personal narratives, and the development of young people’s voices through photography and film-making.

Her research interests also include: radical pedagogies and their role in studio based education, new practice-based methodologies involving the use of advanced technologies, virtual world research, contemporary practices in arts education, biographical and narrative methodologies, theory in educational research (e.g. activity theory, socio-cultural theory, situated learning, social constructivism, communities of practice), formal and informal learning communities, cognition and democracy in education, and collaborative creative pedagogies.

Madeleine currently supervises the following research degree students at GSA:

Lorraine Marshalsey - Global Excellence PhD Student (Principal Supervisor)
Marianne McAra(Co-supervisor)

Madeleine is particularly interested in supervising research projects that investigate new radical pedagogical practices in Art, Design and Architecture Education, including technology-mediated learning (e-learning) in Art and Design Education. Theoretical and methodological innovations in the development of distributed, practice-based educational environments are another key focus.