Justin Carter

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Reader in Contemporary Art Practice: Art and Environment.


Sculpture & Environmental Art



Justin Carter
Pedalpower, Stavanger, 2008

Justin Carter


Justin Carter

Nature as a human construct is my area of concern. My work couples a hopeless desire to return to Nature with a historical and cultural awareness that acknowledges this as impossible. My practice is an attempt to cause reflection and highlight schizophrenic tensions that exist within the individual and society at large: During the week we attempt to optimise industrial productivity/at the weekend we take off in our 4X4s in search of the vanishing wilderness.

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In my own work I try to encourage a direct experience of the outdoors in order to question the more institutionalised sites of display such as the gallery and museum. New Technology and knowledge is embraced within this process. Context occupies a central place in the process of making work and generating ideas.

In past projects I have entered into a dialogue with local people and place in order to deepen my own understanding of wider ‘global’ concerns. Through these relationships, which can develop towards collaboration, I put into place what I would describe as an interventionist strategy. In this way I attempt to focus some of the questions and concerns of context. Because these are continually in flux, the work is often temporary.

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