Dr. Amanda Thomson PhD in interdisciplinary arts practice

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Lecturer, Painting and Printmaking


Painting & Printmaking



flocht, 2013
by Amanda Thomson

flocht, 2013


Dr. Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson completed her undergraduate degree at The Glasgow School of Art and gained an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also has degrees in the social sciences, and previously worked in social policy and research, primarily in the voluntary sector. Her creative practice is ideas and research-led and fuses traditional and digital printmaking techniques with photography, bookmaking, video and more sculptural pieces. Her artwork is often about how we are located (and locate ourselves) in the world; space, place and landscape; and explorations of home, nativity, migration, mapping and how places come to be made. Her most recent body of work forms part of a recently completed arts practice based, interdisciplinary PhD about the forests of Morayshire and Abernethy Forest in the Cairngorms in Scotland. Central to this research, and her work on place in general, is the idea that places are multi-layered, ever-changing, embodied and active, containing complex ecological, sensorial and physical histories and presences. Amanda incorporates a multi-faceted way of working that takes account of places as experiential fields of investigation, and in doing so draws on contemporary arts practice and history, human and cultural geography, anthropology, ecology, literature and social and natural history. For her PhD, she incorporated ethnographic fieldwork into her investigation of these forests. Her outputs include prints, bookworks, videos, soundworks and creative non-fiction. She has also written articles about her work for the Journal of Performance Research and The Geographical Review.

Amanda’s research interests include place, space and landscape and how they are conceptualized, ‘natural’ and social histories, identity, interdisciplinary ways of working, mixed methodologies in research, cross-genre writing and multi-modal ways of working. |

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