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MEARU provides sustainable environmental design consultancy and assessment services, independently and through collaborative research opportunities. Ongoing and previous projects include the following services:

  • Undertake building performance evaluation including  durational monitoring of CO2, humidity and temperature to assess indoor air quality and building performance.
  • Undertake qualitative assessment through questionnaires, surveys and interviews with building users as part of post occupancy evaluation.
  • Provide energy efficiency advice both on the upgrading of existing housing stock and on proposed new build construction. Advise on energy auditing of housing via SAP calculations and NHER rating certification.
  • Advise on options for renewable energy production and technical innovations into in new and existing buildings.
  • Provide strategies in the design of comfortable and healthy indoor environments.
  • Advise on day lighting and passive solar design strategies to improve both energy efficiency and health and well being.
  • Provide building thermography assessment to identify building defects impacting thermal performance.