Dr Filbert Musau B.Arch, MPhil, PhD, MAAK (A)

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Indoor air quality, health + wellbeing

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Dr Filbert Musau

Dr. Filbert Musau is a registered Architect and Lecturer in Environmental Design in Architecture in the Mackintosh School of Architecture (MSA). He has been a member of the faculty since 2009 and is Co-Director of the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU). He also directs two Masters Degree Programs in Architecture – M.Arch. Energy and Environment; and M. Arch. Net Zero Energy Housing. Since joining MSA, he has taught Architectural Technology and Environmental Design across the undergraduate, diploma and graduate programmes.

His past and ongoing research interests have focused on energy efficiency in buildings in the context of thermal control, daylight & natural ventilation; urban density; space planning. A related area has focused on simulation of environmental and energy performance of buildings with various software packages. He has published numerous scientific papers on these areas in the Architectural Science Review, International Journal of Ventilation, the Passive and Low Energy (PLEA) organisation; and the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA). Dr. Musau is the founder of SEA (Space and Energy in Architecture) – a network that brings together scholars and industry experts interested in the ways in which spaces can be planned and utilised to bring forth real improvements in built environments and energy efficiency.

Dr. Musau is actively engaged in research and consultancy partnerships with industry; and is currently the Principal Investigator of four projects, all funded by UK’s Technology Strategy Board. In these, he is exploring links between building development processes; energy and environmental performance; and occupant satisfaction. He is also the Principal Investigator of research on a Control System for Energy Reduction in Vacant Environments (ConSERVE) - a concept he developed at the University of Bath, with support from Danfoss Ltd. and funding from UK’s Technology Strategy Board. He has completed several research projects funded by GSA’s Sustainability in Action Fund; GSA’s Research Development Fund; won several CIC Start Online funding competitions; won several Scottish Innovation Voucher Scheme competition calls; and the Scottish Funding Council. Other past research projects explored: ‘Urban Density and Microclimate’; ‘Daylight Design in Exhibition Spaces’; ‘Façade Design for Thermal Control in Office Buildings in the Tropics’; and ‘Building Form and Natural Ventilation’.

Tigh-Na-Cladach, Dunoon

Tigh-Na-Cladach, Dunoon |

TSB funded Building performance evaluation

Dr Filbert Musau

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