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The School of Simulation and Visualisation is a state of the art research centre of Glasgow School of Art focussing on developing cutting edge real-time 3D visualization and interaction technologies undertaking projects from basic, strategic and applied research through to consultancy and technology transfer.  Research and industrial contracts span arts, science and engineering disciplines and are integrated with postgraduate academic activities to embrace imagination, multi-disciplinary thinking and the development and utilisation of new and emerging technologies. The school is a proactive leader in the development of new technologies, tools, techniques and methodologies that support new media and digital and content creation markets. In particular, core research focusses on developing new techniques for interaction, user oriented interfaces, haptics, gesture, 3D sound and real-time photorealistic 3D visualization.  

The School of Simulation and Visualisation is dedicated to developing ways in which people can engage and interact with data and emerging digital visualization systems. Learning, research, commercialisation and knowledge transfer in the school is therefore not characterised by traditional subject areas. Instead, it concentrates on the ways in which computer tools and interfaces can be developed for visualization and improve human computer interaction across the arts and sciences. This multi-disciplinary approach also applies to the expertise of the staff with established and efficient workflows between researchers, programmers, and modellers within a positive and reactive working environment.

Unlike many research departments, SimVis has well-established links with industry and mature partnerships that attract funding from a wide range of sources, both within and outside academia. This distinctive model gives the school the ability to take cutting edge technologies and apply them in novel and imaginative ways to stimulate new business growth as well as create new knowledge and lower access barriers to technology. SimVis has a dynamic portfolio of projects and has built up an excellent reputation with several national and international organisations. 

SimVis works, where possible, with open formats and has a modular development strategy, allowing it to draw on a repository of reusable programming code or datasets. The world class facilities at its custom built centre and the ability to react quickly to new opportunities allows the DDS to reliably produce a wide variety of high quality outputs and to maximise their impact for its partners, academia, and the general public.

SimVis has been successful in securing significant research funding from SFC, EPSRC, AHRC, NESTA, Creative Scotland, and the EU. In addition it has completed a Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept (PoC) and a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

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