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The British Empire Exhibition 1938 was an AHRC-funded research project which created a 3D visualisation of over 100 buildings of the British Empire Exhibition of 1938. The 3D scene was created by a team of experienced 3D modellers working at the School of Simulation and Visualisation. The modellers worked from dozens of small-scale drawings, hundreds of photographs and many maps to recreate the 3D virtual Empire Exhibition. The work required the construction of all the major buildings that comprised the Exhibition as well as a reconstruction of the topology of Bellahouston Pak including roads, pathways and vegetation. 

The aim of the project was to create a permanent resource for the exploration, research and public exhibition of the Empire Exhibition of 1938 in the context of Scottish and UK social and architectural history. This has been achieved by consulting as many sources and individuals as possible to assist in building an accurate 3D digital model from which the planning of the Exhibition and its architectural style can be examined. Through interviews with those who visited the Exhibition in 1938, some measure of the impact it had in late 1930s Glasgow, Scotland and the UK can be made.

The main output from the project has been the production of well researched and constructed, photo-real, 3D models of the principal buildings and structures that comprised the Exhibition together with an accurate 3D map showing the relationship of the various buildings, road and pathways and water features, to the topography of Bellahouston Park.

The other important output, achieved through video interviews, is the opinion of experts in the field of architecture and architectural history as well as the recollections of members of the public who attended the Exhibition in 1938.


The outputs of this project can be explored at the British Empire Exhibition 1938 interactive website.