Jacqueline Butler BA(Hons) DCM Film Production

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MPhil Research Student




Glass Landscape
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Glass Landscape


Jacqueline Butler

The Photograph as Haptic and Virtual Object

Supervisor: Dr Nicky Bird

Jacqueline Butler is concerned with reflections on time and memory in relation to the photographic and the cinematic, exploring visual narrative and contemplations on the material qualities of photography in both analogue and digital forms. She works with photography, digital video, the artist book, and writing and has a particular fascination with archives and collections (both public and private).

Her research considers the impact digital technology continues to have on the material qualities of photography and questions the tangibility of the image. Through the development of photographic practice, the intention is to focus her research on the interplay between analogue and digital technologies.

As our experience of the photograph continues to rapidly shift from the photographic negative to screen-based digital file, through the application of new technologies Butler questions whether the haptic experience of the materiality of the image will be lost or irrevocably changed.

By focussing on the photographic surface and the materiality of the photograph as object, through an exploration of 2D and 3D printing, Butler’s aim is to interrogate the ‘flatness’ of the medium using new technologies. Through the production of hybrid analogue and digital artefacts her practice-based research evaluates the shift from photographic negative to digital file, and questions the dimensionality of the photographic ‘print’.

As an artist with an interest in landscape Butler holds a curiosity concerning the mutability of the history of place, and the landscape as vessel for memory, made visible through partial glimpses, fragmented narratives and the layering of space, place and time. Her focus is on the imaginary and the unseen and contemplations on what lies beneath the surface of things. Much of her work forms a fusion of recent and ancient histories of the land, combining the visible surface with the invisible. Butler investigates the texture and surfaces of nature, anticipating an alternative document of the trace and evolution of landscapes both real and imagined.

Recent Exhibitions
2013 Nostalgias: Visualising Longing. Pie Factory Gallery, Margate
2013 Stories of the Everyday, Ahmedabad International Arts Festival, India
2013 Art School Allotment, Whitworth Park, as part of Whitworth Gallery weekend
Also as part of RHS Flower Show, Tatton, Tatton Park
2013 Cotton Exchange: A Material Response, Old Rajhagar Mill, Ahmedabad, India
2013 Pairings, CCA Gallery London
2012 United Art Fair, Delhi, India
2012 On The Margins, Book Art Exhibition. Part of The Doverode Book Arts, Festival IV, Doverode, Denmark
2010 (De) Constructing The Archive In The Digital Age. Loughborough University

Recent Publications
2013 Recalling Touch: In and Out of Focus visual essay in The Reflexive Photographer, Edinburgh: MuseumsEtc
2012 Glass and Paper Landscapes in Source: The Photographic Review Issue 70, Spring Issue, pp.26-37
2011 Towards Ephemeral Narrative, co-written by J Butler and G.Parry, Image & Narrative (Online Pub.
2010 Surplus to Requirements, Edited by Made, UWE, Righton Press

Conference Papers
2013 Conference: Lessons in Geography, Derby University and MAC, Birmingham.Paper: Sea, water, ice: The precarious act of looking. Conference Panel Chair
2013 Conference: Nostalgias: Visualising Longing. Winter Gardens, Margate. Canterbury Christ Church University and The University of the Arts London. Paper: Wonderlands
2012 Conference: Family Ties: Recollection And Representation. University of London. Paper: The Wonder Of Forgetting, Collecting and Assembling
2011 Symposium: Alice Culture: The Endurance of Wonderland. Tate, Liverpool. Paper: The ‘Afterlife’ Of Photography.
2010 Conference: (De) Constructing The Archive In The Digital Age. Loughborough University. Paper Title: Responses to the Lewis Carroll Photographic Archive

Public/ Private Collections
Yale Center For British Art, Yale University, New Haven, USA
International Center For Photography, New York, USA
Manchester Metropolitan University, Library Special Collections
Winchester Art School, Library Special Collections

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